Our vision πŸ’­

Our team consists of true enthusiasts of blockchain technologies, and the rapid development of this field only reinforces our confidence every day. We offer reliable and secure infrastructure services, backed by extensive experience in supporting our own validator in numerous blockchain networks.

Unity Nodes are interested in supporting projects that impress us with their technology and ideas. We actively contribute to the ecosystem, serve as community managers, and act as moderators.

We are committed to the decentralized future of digital innovation.

Our Services πŸ› οΈ

Infrastructure βš™

All our nodes are exclusively hosted by trusted providers - Hetzner, Vultr, OVHcloud, Google, Amazon. They have proven themselves over a long period of usage as reliable data centers. Our servers are configured with the highest level of security and are also monitored. Additionally, we deploy backup nodes for the projects we participate in to minimize the risk of reducing our uptime.

Friends & Partners

  • CPI.TM - is a Ukrainian crypto-company that unites people who seek effective self-education and exchange of experience.

Mainnet network 🟒

Cosmos Network🌌

Other projects

Testnets network 🟑

Cosmos Network🌌

Other testnet projects 🟑

Archive projects πŸ—ƒοΈ


  1. Cascadia

  2. Saga

  3. DeFund

Other projects

  1. EigenLayer

  2. Starknet

  3. Gear

  4. Namada

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